While we wish they could all stay here forever, sometimes we know they must travel to new lives in new homes. We are so proud of all our Aussies who have flown the nest and will post updates regularly. A million thanks to all those out there promoting, training and caring for our Aussies! Best of luck to all of you!
When we have to say goodbye forever to our friends and companions who gave so much and asked for so little, there are no real words of comfort to offer. We just hope to be with them again someday, to throw that frisbee, rub that belly, or share a quiet moment together in whatever lies ahead beyond this world. I believe if there's a heaven, that they will be there too. And if not, well then send me to where they are instead.


Aussies who have flown the nest


Rocket has finally found her forever home with her new mom Janice Shade! She's having a blast playing with her buddy Banjo, and is being spoiled the way she's always deserved. We are so happy for her!

Watermark Storm At Bellakona

Hawk (formerly known as Cirrus) has left us to continue his SAR training with Tudy Morris in Texas. We can't wait to see what this amazing youngster accomplishes!



Watermark Feed The Fire x Kildee's Bella The Ball CGC

Finn will be living nearby with his new mom Kim Whitlow.



Watermark Feed The Fire x Kildee's Bella The Ball CGC

Sidney's new home in Curaco will be quite an adventure! He loves going out on the boat and is quite a brilliant boy.


Ziggy Stardust

Watermark Feed The Fire x Kildee's Bella The Ball CGC

Ziggy has gone to live in Annapolis, MD with his new Mom Betsy. He looks so much like Bella in this picture!



Watermark Feed The Fire x Kildee's Bella The Ball

Puck is living with his new family here in Maryland. This jolly boy has his very own boy to love now and is very happy in his new home.



Watermark Feed The Fire x Kildee's Bella The Ball

Romeo has a new best friend! His new owner Bill, who has had an Aussie for a best friend once before, is planning on spending lots of time teaching him tricks, working together and just hanging out.



Watermark Feed The Fire x Kildee's Bella The Ball

Potter, now known as Caspin, has gone home to a wonderful new life with a fantastic family in Maryland. He has two children of his own and is thoroughly enjoying his new life. We were thrilled to have a visit from Caspin and his family the other day! It was wonderful to see how beautiful he has become and how happy he is with his family!!!



Little Orphan Annie, once the beloved pet of Mrs. Marlene Roll, had to find a new home due to Marlene's recent illness and her unfortuanate passing. She spent some time here before moving on to her forever home with the Shaums in Chestertown, MD. There she has a new sister, Emma, and lots of love and understanding!



Kailua has found her home with Otto. This wonderful girl will be living nearby, and hopefully visiting often!



This fantastic pup has been so lucky to find his home with the Drumm Family in Virginia Beach. We know he will be so happy there.



Aussie's We Have Loved and Lost

Kildee's Bella The Ball

Can barely write this without tears. We lost Bella suddenly and heartbreakingly one summer day. She was an amazing girl and is missed every day.


Watermark Feed The Fire

Stoker, as he was known to all who loved him, passed away after an accident in New York. His daughter, Kildee's Ember To Remember, carries on his brilliant flame and that of her mother Bella's as well.