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American Kennel Club

Australian Shepherd Club of America

So you think you want an Aussie?

Well, that's great! Australian Shepherds are a wonderful, intelligent breed and can be absolutely wonderful pets,


-You have enough fenced yard for your Aussie to play outside.

-You  have enough time to spend WITH your Aussie EVERY day.

-You want a velcro dog that wants to go everywhere you go, this includes the bathroom.

-You can give your Aussie a job to do, because if not they'll find their own job and you just might not approve of their choice.

-You understand how to make rules and enforce them fairly, because if you don't, your Aussie will.

So, if you still think you want an Australian Shepherd, here are some things to remember.

-Beware the puppy mills.

-Be careful of Aussie's with excessive white on their ears and around their eyes, as they could be the result of a merle to merle breeding, and may be deaf or blind.

-Please consider an Aussie Rescue or your local shelter.

-Check for CERF and OFA certifications.