Jen and Kona will never forget their search and recovery deployment to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The people from BSL and the surrounding areas remain in our prayers and thoughts.



K-9 Search and Rescue

Training dogs for Search and Rescue and Search and Recovery has been one of the most rewarding things we have ever done. The joy of helping others, combined with the joy of working with your dog, is very fulfilling.

It does however, require a lot of time, money and effort and should not be undertaken lightly. Not every dog is suitable for search work. This is not competition agility, shutzhund or obedience. Someone's life could depend on your actions and those of your dog. If you are interested in joining a Search and Rescue team, you may contact the National Association for Search and Rescue for more information on a team near you. 



Jen has been active in SAR since 2002. She works Kona in cadaver, wilderness and disaster and trained Beryl for disaster before retiring her to the breeding program to produce future SAR canidates. She is now also training two new dogs, Hilo and Jada.

Since 2002, Jen has...

- Certified Kona in Wilderness and Human Remains Detection

- Trained and has experience in: Wilderness SAR, Disaster, Land and Water Cadaver ( above ground, buried, building, fresh and aged, disarticulated remains.)

- Worked with law enforcement and emergency services agencies on searches on both the local and state (DE, MD, MS) level. New Castle County Police, DE State Police, MD State Police and MD Natural Resources Police, Bay St. Louis, MS Fire Company.

Seminars/Courses attended

- MD SAREX 2003

- Crime Scene Preservation (Jonni Joyce, instructor) 7/04

- Basic Cadaver Course (Jonni Joyce, instructor) 16hrs. 7/04

- National Association for Search and Rescue Conference 2004

- MD SAREX 2004


- Member of the National Association for Search and Rescue

- Former member of Bay Area Recovery Canines

- Former member and vice-president of East Coast K-9 Search and Rescue

Class instructor/presenter

- Presenter of " Lost But Found, Safe And Sound", an interactive program using the Search and Rescue K-9's to help provide parents and children with information about staying safe in the outdoors and what to do if you become lost.

- Assistant Cadaver Instructor for Beginning and Advanced Cadaver course at the 2005 Delaware SAREX.


For Kona, my partner, who continues to inspire and overwhelm me with her willingness, ability and heart. I am blessed to have such an incredible friend by my side.

The Search Dog

Listening not breathing

Poised for flight

Waiting intensely

Eyes shining bright


Then with one word

Exploding away

Joyful with purpose

Leading the way


Through thicket and bramble

Over rubble and ravine

With courage and heart

Not commonly seen


Paying no heed

To darkness or rain

Pausing but briefly

For exhaustion or pain


Stuggling ever onward

Until when at last

The lift of a head

Starts hearts beating fast


Face to the wind

Gone like a shot

The goal now in sight

Tiredness forgot


Euphoric reward

For sweetest success

The lost become found

The weary may rest