Private training at our location in Church Hill, Md is $45.00/hour

Private training costs at other locations will be determined according to distance 

Group lessons are $125 for a six week course 



Bellakona Kennel will be offering both group and private training classes in the following for 2017:


Introduction to K9 Wilderness Search and Rescue


Introduction to K9 Human Remains Detection 


Beginning Obedience 


Scent Training for Fun


Please note that both the K9 Search and Rescue and HRD Detection classes are intended solely to introduce dog and handler to the training disciplines and to determine whether or not your dog might have what it takes to continue with an active SAR team. 



Bellakona Kennel offers the following services:


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the decision of what type of dog might be the right fit for your family, then you may want to consider our matchmaker service. We will help you determine what breed might be best (Definitely not always an Aussie!), as well as whether or not a puppy from a reputable breeder or an older rescue dog might be the best fit. 


Successfull Start

We offer help in ensuring that both dog and family get off on the right foot. This might encompass anything from introducing a new dog to family, choosing the right food and toys, to crate or not to crate (here's a freebie, the answer is to crate), and even some basic obedience training.